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Batter up And swing!!

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and its up to the pitcher to decipher what type of ball was thrown. Like a fast ball that comes so unexpectedly or a curve ball that throws you off balance, or a slidder that hits you below your knees,.or a knuckle ball that seems to aim for the stomach.  Well I got a fast ball;  I didn’t see it coming nor was I really ready to swing. I suppose I can go down crying or whippering and let my discouragement get the best of me, or I can batter to base and give it my best swing for a home run. All I know is that I cant let my emotions take over and run the show anymore.. I got to get up, dust off, hit and run to base to base. Life is like playing baseball just gotta know when to swing and when to run to all the bases to make it a homerun.


About ladylucas94

I enjoy reading,, photography and travel. I enjoy life to live it abundantly.


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