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Batter up And swing!!

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and its up to the pitcher to decipher what type of ball was thrown. Like a fast ball that comes so unexpectedly or a curve ball that throws you off balance, or a slidder that hits you below your knees,.or a knuckle ball that seems to aim for the stomach.  Well I got a fast ball;  I didn’t see it coming nor was I really ready to swing. I suppose I can go down crying or whippering and let my discouragement get the best of me, or I can batter to base and give it my best swing for a home run. All I know is that I cant let my emotions take over and run the show anymore.. I got to get up, dust off, hit and run to base to base.


About ladylucas94

I enjoy reading, photography and selling on ebay. Now that I am a licensed child care provider, I enjoy all the help and info from Moonfrye's blog as it is educational, entertaining and fun.


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