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Music Apps 

I really enjoy listening to a variety of music artist especially cultural too . However some of  these music apps are really trying to target the wallet by charging fees or go pro upgrade to better sound quality unlimited streaming downloads etc etc etc ! I don’t want a subscription. I have enough bills already and really Cmon these most of these music artist make decent $$$$! Ok ! Anyway I just like to create and save my music in playlist , so that I can have my music anytime I need for leisure or excersizing ! I must admit I’m tempted to join ,but I know better besides its a hassle to cancel a subscription in the long run ! I like it easy just click and play the music , so that I can get on with life without worrying whether I will be charged for this and that ! Good grief !!  My simple rant or what’s my beef of the day !! I really like this music app !! 



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